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What Do We Treat?


We currently focus mostly on Shoulder and Knee Conditions, but whether it’s athletic pursuits or just regular physical activities of daily living that are hampered by pain, Stem Cell Therapy or PRP can likely help.


What Is Stem Cell Therapy?


Using a gardening analogy, your Stem Cells are the seeds that grow into new muscle, tendon, ligament, cartilage and bone. We inject those seeds in areas of injury or chronic damage; most typically Knees and Shoulders.


Why Integrity?


Integrity By Practice, Integrity For Your Body. We follow the latest research, adhering to the safest and most stringent FDA guidelines. Always, we treat every patient with the same respect and honesty as we would our own family.


The Stem Cell MD Difference

We are always looking for the best ways to get our patients back in the game of life better and faster.  Younger or older, if you’re in pain or discomfort and not enjoying the things you love, we can help. The incredible healing potential of PRP and Stem Cell therapy was first employed years ago and we just had to be a part of it. Our passion for Stem Cell Therapy continues to soar as a result of experiencing so many wonderful success stories and seeing our patients’ lives changed for the better.

Our experienced approach is friendly, ethical, and strictly follows FDA guidelines for safe and effective Stem Cell Therapy.

We are currently accepting new patients, and look forward to helping determine if this amazing new therapy is right for you.


Conditions Treated

Shoulder Pain

Knee Pain

Ready to get started?

Are you ready to Reverse chronic injury, Renew your ability to do the things you love and Reclaim your life? The time is NOW to try Regenerative Therapy!

Regenerative Medicine is a rapidly growing field, especially in Colorado. Our uniquely active population has no interest in letting injury or degenerative arthritis slow us down. Coloradans are hiking mountains, racing bicycles, playing multi-day golf and tennis tournaments and skiing steep slopes well into their 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s. And why shouldn’t we? Thanks to the exciting advancements of modern healthcare and Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy, we can, and should, keep doing the activities we love to do for a lifetime.

At Integrity Stem Cell you will get the most honest assessment of your condition and a treatment plan that not only fits your particular situation best, but also follows FDA Guidelines and Recommendations to the highest levels.

Unfortunately there are many care providers “jumping on the band-wagon” promoting stem cell therapy that is not efficacious or as effective; like sourcing cells from tissue banks that are often ‘Dead-on-Arrival’. Others exaggerate the potential positive effects from this treatment or espouse to treat conditions like COPD, MS, Diabetes and Parkinson’s, which does not meet the FDA Guidelines for homologous use. At Stem Cell M.D. we will not do this!

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